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IPCT Report 2022


During the 2021–22 period, the Cultural Trust’s grants for emerging artist development came to a near standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent international travel restrictions. As 2021 ended, the planned reopening of international borders allowed the Cultural Trust to reopen funding rounds in 2022.

As Australia returns to normal, we look forward to supporting many more emerging artists to undertake invaluable professional development experiences to sustain their central role in the Australian arts and cultural landscape. The arts sector faces a long road to recovery. Building the skills and experience of the next generation of artists will serve the sector well as it rebuilds and becomes stronger than ever.

IPCT Report 2021


The 2020-21 period continued to present challenges to the Australian and international arts communities. The new COVID-19 ‘Delta’ strain dashed all hopes for a ‘COVID normal’ Australia in 2021, and the possibility of performances, exhibitions or travel for Australian arts practitioners, professionals, and organisations.

In September 2020, we were obliged to suspend funding rounds. We congratulate the 14 emerging artists awarded grants prior to September 2020, although they have yet to be able to undertake their travel plans. The Cultural Trust team is working with them to reshape or reschedule their professional development projects in 2022.

IPCT Report 2020


In times of crisis, we are forced to adapt to our new environment. Throughout this year we have seen how Cultural Trust grantees have shifted their practices and development projects, adapting to social distancing measures and travel bans. Messages of hope, political commentary and reflection have been shared through song, story-telling and creative visual tools.

During this time, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust staff have also sought to adapt their procedures to best support emerging artists. We look forward to seeing how our grantees’ development projects reshape, again showing the remarkable adaptive nature of the creative arts. We hope our 2020 grantees can soon undertake the important travel experiences that will help them on to the next stage of their career. 


IPCT Report 2019

shifting perspectives
Shifting Perspectives

In 2018 – 19, the Cultural Trust assisted 51 emerging artists to travel abroad and advance their creative practice. From residencies to mentorships, each artist pursued a professional development opportunity tailored to their practice. We also announced the winner of The Ian Potter Moving Image Commission 2020, Gabriella Hirst. 

This year we asked past grantees ‘How has a Cultural Trust grant experience changed your practice?’  From embracing new artistic mediums to shifts in perspective, we found out how the professional development their grant enabled has sparked change and shaped their current practice. At the same time, we question how we can encourage our grantees to diversify the destinations in which they seek new experiences and inspiration to ensure that on their return the Australian arts sector will reflect the wide-ranging international arts scene.

IPCT Report 2018

CT Annual Report cover for website

Next Phase

This year, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust welcomed 46 new grantees to a community that now exceeds 1,600 talented artists. They travelled to 18 countries around the world, undertaking learning opportunities, gaining skills and networks, and working with leaders in their creative fields.

As the Cultural Trust heads into its 25th year, we review the journeys of some of our past grantees. We realise it can often take years for the value of a Cultural Trust grant to manifest, as recipients mature in their creative and professional lives. Through spotlighting the achievements of a handful of past Cultural Trust recipients, we hope to shed light on how the professional development experiences supported by the Cultural Trust usher grantees into the next phase of their careers.


IPCT Report 2017

CT 2016 17 AR Front cover

Diversity + Reach

At the Cultural Trust, we believe that supporting artists working across a broad range of art forms Australia-wide is integral to enriching the cultural conversation, which is why one of our focuses this year has been on increasing the diversity of the applications we receive. The 2017 Annual Grants Report reviews this aim and examines how well the Trust is meeting this goal.

During 2016-17, the Trust made grants to 35 emerging artists and announced the winner of the third Ian Potter Moving Image Commission. Read about their plans and ambitions as they reach for the next stage in their careers.


IPCT Report 2016

Cultural Trust Annual Report cover website

Next Level

Each year we welcome more talented young artists to The Ian Potter Cultural Trust community and observe the transformative effect their travel experiences have on their careers. Our community of grantees has now surpassed 1500 artists across all artistic disciplines.

One artist who has definitely taken his practice to the next level is video artist and winner of the second Ian Potter Moving Image Commission (IPMIC) Daniel Crooks who exhibited his work Phantom Ride at ACMI in February 2016.

This year 92 new grantees join the Cultural Trust community. Read about some of these in the full online report.

IPCT Report 2015

IPCT CoverNew Frontiers

In this past year, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust has supported 91 emerging artists from an increasing diversity of art forms and an extraordinary array of projects undertaken in countries around the globe.

Ten years ago, the geographical base of applicants was disproportionate with the majority of applications coming from Victoria. Today we see individuals from across Australian applying. 

This year we also ran a survey of past recipients, the results showing that 96 per cent of grantees were still working in the arts. This result shows that the Cultural Trust continues to play a unique and important role in the Australian arts landscape, providing individual artists with 'just the right amount of support at just the right time.'

IPCT Report 2014
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Stepping Up

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust celebrates its 21st year and has truly come of age. The Trust has now surpassed $6 million in grants and supported over 1,300 artists, including 100 new grantees this year.




IPCT Report 2013

IPCT report coverFostering Artistic Excellence

Welcome to the 94 artists who joined the Cultural Trust community in its twentieth year. Like those before them they will travel to destinations around the globe to pursue their passion and to hone their skills on the world stage.



IPCT Report 2012

cover ipct
New Horizons

This year several artists received a grant to pursue interdisciplinary studies. We have noticed a strong trend to cross-platform arts practice in which the lines between disciplines are mixed and blurred to create new genres that don’t fit traditional categories.


IPCT Report 2011

cover image ipct 2011
A Vision of the Future

If there was any doubt about the value of supporting and encouraging talented emerging artists and helping them to grab key opportunities in their early careers, it is quickly allayed by a glance through the long list of Cultural Trust alumni. The roll of past CT grantees now numbers well over 1000: many are now well-respected talents, some are household names and all have gone on to make significant contributions to the calibre and vivacity of the Australian Arts scene.



IPCT Report 2010

IPCt cover pic
Wings to Fly

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust reached a significant milestone this year when we awarded our 1000th grant to an individual artist of exceptional talent. Looking back over the now very long list of recipients provides a small glimpse of the true legacy of the Cultural Trust grants.







IPCT Report 2009

ipct cover 2009
Encouraging Excellence

Share our sense of excitement as you read of these inspiring young artists as they start this exciting part of their journey, and take a look at the paths taken by a few of our past Grantees in the years after their travels, including an interview with composer Elena Kats-Chernin, who received a Music Commission grant in 2003 and this year again acted as a judge for our Music Commissions Fellowships 2009.



Earlier annual reports and other publications produced by The Ian Potter Cultural Trust can be found on ISSUU.


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