Nicholas Smith working in his studio. Image: Jacqui Shelton.

Acknowledge your grant

Tips and resources for acknowledging your grant. 

Use of our logo

Grantees are welcome to include The Ian Potter Cultural Trust logo when acknowledging their grant.

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Contact us if you require an alternative logo format or plan to use the logo on any widely distributed collateral. Approval is essential if the logo is to be used on a plaque, banner or any other permanent fixture.

Acknowledgement of the Trust

If you would like to include a description of the Trust in a press release, we suggest using the following paragraph.

About The Ian Potter Cultural Trust
The Ian Potter Cultural Trust was established in 1993 by The Ian Potter Foundation to encourage and support diversity and excellence among Australian artists. A commitment to excellence governs the Trust's funding: it seeks to support individuals who are passionate about their work and have the potential to be outstanding in their field.

Referring to The Ian Potter Cultural Trust 

When mentioning The Ian Potter Cultural Trust by its full name, please capitalise the initial t: 'The'.