In 2024, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust will join the Sidney Myer Fund to support originating artists and cultural leaders through the appointment of Creative Fellows. 

The Trust will award two Ian Potter Creative Fellowships annually. The Fellowships will provide unrestricted, tax-free grants of $200,000 over two years to individual Australian artists, creatives, and cultural leaders. Specific outcomes for the Fellowships are not required. 

Nominations are welcome for individual artists, creators, and cultural leaders throughout the spectrum of the arts, from visual and performing to interdisciplinary, new media, literature, and the humanities. 

Nomination process

Nominations for the 2024 round are now open.
Nominations close Sunday, 25 August 2024 at 11.59PM AEST. The nomination process, key dates, eligibility requirements, and selection criteria can be found on the Sidney Myer Fund website.

The two criteria used to select Fellows are outstanding talent and exceptional courage. Specifically, this talent and courage relate to the nominee's creative practice (commonly illustrated through artistic challenges, daring innovation, breaking new ground, and redefining the possible) and not to surmounting hardships. 

All nominations must be submitted through the Sidney Myer Fund SmartyGrants portal. The value, criteria and structure of the Ian Potter Creative Fellowships will match the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships and be determined as part of the same selection process.