Annual Report • 2022-23
In commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Trust, we reflected on the remarkable growth of the Emerging Artist Grants program and the Trust's impact.

In 2022-23, the Emerging Artist Grants program awarded over $600,000 to 65 individual artists. Over the past three decades, the Trust has supported over 1850 individual artists and awarded grants totalling over $12.7 million.
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Annual Report • 2021-22
With Australia returning to normal and international travel bans lifting, we have reopened our Emerging Artist Grant funding rounds.

We look forward to resuming our support to artists undertaking invaluable professional development experiences.
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Annual Report • 2020-21
This year, COVID-19 continued to present challenges to the Australian and international arts communities.

With the pandemic's continued impacts on travel, we were obliged to suspend funding rounds and work with grantees to reshape or reschedule their professional development projects for 2022.
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Annual Report • 2019-20
In times of crisis, we are forced to adapt to our new environment. Throughout this year, we have seen how our grantees have shifted their practices and development projects, adapting to social distancing measures and travel bans.

Internally, the Trust staff have also sought to adapt their procedures to best support emerging artists.
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Annual Report • 2018-19
In 2018 – 19, the Cultural Trust assisted 51 emerging artists to travel abroad and advance their creative practice. From residencies to mentorships, each artist pursued a professional development opportunity tailored to their practice.

We also announced the winner of The Ian Potter Moving Image Commission 2020, Gabriella Hirst.
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Annual Report • 2017-18
This year, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust welcomed 46 new grantees to a community that now exceeds 1,600 talented artists.

They travelled to 18 countries around the world, undertaking learning opportunities, gaining skills and networks, and working with leaders in their creative fields.
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Annual Report • 2016-17
At the Cultural Trust, we believe that supporting artists working across a broad range of art forms Australia-wide is integral to enriching the cultural conversation, which is why one of our focuses this year has been on increasing the diversity of the applications we receive.

The 2017 Annual Grants Report reviews this aim and examines how well the Trust is meeting this goal.
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Annual Report • 2015-16
Each year we welcome more talented young artists to The Ian Potter Cultural Trust community and observe their travel experiences' transformative effect on their careers.

This year 92 new grantees join the Cultural Trust community. Read about some of these in the full online report. Our community of grantees has now surpassed 1500 artists across all artistic disciplines.
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Past Reports

Earlier annual reports and other publications produced by The Ian Potter Cultural Trust can be found on ISSUU.