The Ian Potter Cultural Trust has recently changed its grant management system to GivingData. You can watch this quick video to preview your new grantee portal.

You will receive TWO emails from GivingData prior to your Final Report due date; an Activate Your Account email and an Invitation to Complete a Final Report email.

Please refer to the guide below to activate your GivingData account and access the Final Report form.

1. Activate your account

After receiving the Activate Your Account email (Image 1):

  • Click the Activate Your Account button to set up your credentials.
  • You must use the username (email address) in the email invite, as this is already connected to your grant record within GivingData.
  • Set a secure password.
  • Make sure you record your password for future reference.

Please check your SPAM folders or email security filter systems if the Activate Your Account email doesn’t appear in your inbox within two days of receiving the Invitation to Complete a Final Report email.

2. Access your Final Report

Once you have activated your GivingData account you can access your Final Report form.

  • The Invitation to Complete a Final Report email includes a link to the Final Report form (Image 2).
  • The GivingData Grantee Portal includes detailed instructions on how to complete your Final Report.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.