Amelia Lever-Davidson is a lighting designer who is dedicated to exploring and extending the capability of light in live performance design.

Her works have been presented nation-wide at several arts organisations including ACMI and Carriageworks, and she has designed for productions in the Melbourne Theatre Company’s Neon Festival, the Malthouse’s Helium Season, as well as a main-stage production at the Malthouse Theatre. Following multiple nominations in 2013, she was recently awarded a Green Room Award for her 2015 body of work.

With the support of a Cultural Trust grant, Amelia will travel to London to pursue two distinct mentorship opportunities with esteemed international lighting designers. The first placement will see Amelia working with Jon Clark on the English National Opera’s world premiere of The Winter’s Tale. The second will allow Amelia to work with Paule Constable on The National Theatre’s 2017 revival of Angels of America.

Through these mentorships, Amelia hopes to gain insight into achieving more ambitious designs in larger venues, operating within larger lighting teams, and working with longer production timelines. Both mentorships will offer opportunities to engage with senior artists around process, ways of investing and developing as an artist, and a chance to learn from their professional journeys.

Amelia is especially excited by the prospect of working with Constable, who is one of the most outstanding female practitioners in the field. Being mentored by Constable represents the next critical step in her practice, in terms of developing professionally as an artist, a female leader, and further contributing to the gender transformation of the Australian theatre sector.