Josie Alexandra is a multi-disciplinary and experimental artist whose practice responds to the need for plausible futurism narratives amid the contemporary civilizational crisis.

Josie's queer, trans, and neurodiverse identity informs their artistic efforts to create new understandings of the world around them.

A core element of Josie's work is the creation of neologisms and unique lexicons to enrich their creative world-building.

A Cultural Trust grant will support Josie to undertake a three-month residency for the development of their project {P01~L94CG}; pronounced /poe-ee-luc/ which will be shown at exhibitions 'SEAS(22)' and 'Timeless Light' at the Ionian Centre of Art and Culture, Kefalonia, Greece.

{P01~L94CG} is a long-form world-building and philosophical-artistic project that emerged from Josie's ambition to honour and recontextualize their late grandmother's politic 'the importance of knowing one's mind'.

Two alter egos Carto and X4NDR, embody {P01~L94CG}'s celebration and exploration of non-binary and neurodiverse ways of being and support the formation of three intra-related bodies of work. A poetry collection, a sonic spoken word-cinematic album, and a series of cartographic-informed paintings. The paintings will be rendered digitally as virtual spaces within the cinematic score.

The name X4NDR4 is a homage to the etymology of Josie's ancestral surname Alexandratos, which comes from Kefalonia, via Ithaca (Greece), where the residency and exhibitions will take place.