Poignant and dream-like, Melbourne-based visual artist Laura Skerlj’s work explores the abstract representation of landscapes. 

“My practice is interested in painting a space where abstract connections between thoughts, experiences and forms can be visualised. Colour, gesture, language, drawing, repeated motifs and aggregational methods are central to my work. These processes encourage an 'in-between' quality in my images, where the subject shifts between representation and abstraction.”

Laura's paintings have been exhibited at Arterial Gallery, Sydney, Michael Reid, Berlin, and Daine Singer Gallery, Melbourne, among others. She was awarded a Cultural Trust grant to undertake a residency program in contemporary painting at the Leipzig International Artist Programme (LIA), Leipzig, Germany.  For Laura, the residency was a crucial opportunity to reflect on personal, formal and conceptual aspects of her practice. 

Through viewing the work of influential artists Jutta Koether, Albert Oehlen and Donna Huanca, Laura gained insight into their unique creative processes and the opportunity to reflect on her own. Travelling through Italy and Austria provided Laura with rich sensory and visual material. This material was quickly put to use in the Leipzig studio, experimenting with a new direction for her work, altering and deepening her art practice.