Max Thomas Sanderson has been awarded a Cultural Trust grant to undertake the Design Postgraduate Program at France’s most prestigious fashion university, the Institut Français de la Mode, Paris.

Such is the calibre of Max’s work that he has also received a scholarship from the university towards his studies.

As an aspiring designer, Max Thomas Sanderson is committed to the creation of unique and refined menswear of superior quality. A graduate of RMIT’s Bachelor of Fashion course, he received the highest mark of his 2014 graduating class, and was awarded the Emily McPherson Prize for his final project. His previous professional experience includes working as a tailor at Con Ilio Made to Measure Tailoring, as well as interning with various independent Australian designers, including Scanlan & Theodore and LifewithBird.

The Institut Français de la Mode is directly linked with a large range of international fashion houses, providing students with an unrivaled exposure to the inner workings of the industry. The French fashion industry is a global leader with a rich history and renowned expertise, from which Max hopes to gain professional experiences that are not otherwise widely available in an Australian context, especially to early career artists.