Dr Nicholas Mangan.

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust 21 Apr 2022

Nicholas Mangan: Core Coralations

Creative Development and Mentorship Program grantee Nicholas Mangan works at the intersection of sculpture and film to explore the unstable relationship between culture and nature, often in relation to the Asia Pacific.

In early 2021, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and ACMI devised a new initiative, a Creative Development and Mentorship Program, to support three Ian Potter Moving Image Commission 2022 finalists.

Through the collaborative program, each artist received $20,000 and mentorship from ACMI staff to support the development of their proposed artworks.

Multidisciplinary artist Nicholas Mangan is developing the work Core Coralations through the program

Mangan works at the intersection of sculpture and film. His practice explores the unstable relationship between culture and nature, often in relation to The Asia Pacific. His recent projects have focused on Australia's geopolitical implications within the region and its broader economic and ethical place within a global ecology. His practice incorporates extensive archival research, fieldwork, and collaboration across disciplines to excavate the contested histories surrounding specific sites and events.

Mangan’s project Core Coralations, represents a significant shift from his previous projects.

I am pivoting from films centred on historic narratives of the Pacific region, and the detached gaze of an observer, to the real and present narratives of climate change generated within an Australian context. Secondly, the proposal represents a methodological shift in hierarchy – from sculptural forms integrating film, to primarily filmic elements augmented by the affective environments where they are shown.

These re-orientations will give rise to new formal possibilities, new audiences and the potential to significantly up-scale production values, type and quality.
Nicholas Mangan

Core Coralations explores the mass bleaching events at the Great Barrier Reef and scientific investigations to restore the fragile ecosystem in our climate emergency.

In addition to this material, Core Coralations will include interviews and archive footage combined with a soundscape employing the screen language of materialist, structuralist film and expanded cinema.