Since receiving Cultural Trust grants in 2008 and 2015, visual artist Owen Leong has established himself in both the Australian and international art scenes.

In addition to solo and group shows in Australia, Belarus, China, and Hong Kong, Owen was also selected as a finalist in the prestigious Ramsay Art Prize in 2017.

In 2015, Owen was supported to undertake a residency at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai. While the time and space to immerse himself in Chinese culture, art, and history had immediate benefits as a catalyst for the creation of new work, for Owen, the long-term benefits have been how the residency has fuelled his ambition.

The international experience supported by the Cultural Trust grant has been incredibly valuable and transformative for my work. Seeing and experiencing contemporary art in an international context has increased my understanding of how other artists think and create. This, in turn, has led to increased ambition and inspiration in my own artistic practice.
Owen Leong

Initially working in photography and video, Owen has ventured into new mediums, his practice shifting towards sculptural work.

Interviewed 2019