Pilar Mata Dupont. Image: Stacii Samidin.

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust 21 Apr 2022

Pilar Mata Dupont: La Piedra

Creative Development and Mentorship Program grantee Pilar Mata Dupont's work spans video, performance, and photography, delving into the fallibility of history, gender, and memory structures.

In early 2021, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and ACMI devised a new initiative, a Creative Development and Mentorship Program, to support three Ian Potter Moving Image Commission 2022 finalists.

Through the collaborative program, each artist received $20,000 and mentorship from ACMI staff to support the development of their proposed artworks.

Latinx visual artist and filmmaker Pilar Mata Dupont is developing the work La Piedra through the program.

Mata Dupon't work spans video, performance, and photography and delves into the fallibility of history, gender, and memory structures, questioning the construction of dominant narratives that shape Western society.

La Piedra (The Stone) builds upon the moving image work of Mata Dupont's practice to date.

I will be expanding on previous works by creating a significantly larger-scale production and working with visual effects artists. While my primary focus will be the proposed project, I aim to eventually develop a related web series where the characters and concepts I develop for La Piedra can find an international audience beyond the reach of my previous gallery-based work.
Pilar Mata Dupont

La Piedra will draw upon an archive of interviews and documentary footage of women in Mata Dupont’s family, which she has been capturing since 2013. 

The non-linear narrative of the work will weave through the aftermath of the collective trauma of the volatile 20th Century in Argentina, concentrating on the relationship between two characters: Satu and Cris, a daughter and her mother, who live in Boorloo (Perth). These characters will act as conduits for examining intergenerational trauma through Diaspora, the politics of motherhood, migration, memory and alienation, and are an amalgam of various women in Mata Dupont's family, including herself.