With 2023 coming to a close, I'd like to reflect on the significant milestone this year presented, the 30th Anniversary of The Ian Potter Cultural Trust.   

In June 1993, the Trust's first grants were approved: a total of $13,700 to support six emerging artists in acquiring skills and knowledge overseas. This marked the beginning of the Emerging Artist Grants program, the cornerstone of the Trust's support for Australian artists throughout the past thirty years.  

This month, a total of $321,492 in grants was awarded to 29 individuals through the program, bringing the total number of early-career creatives supported by the Trust to undertake professional development to over 1900.  

To commemorate the Trust's 30th Anniversary, we sought to explore the impact of these emerging artist grants and how professional development opportunities have provided momentum for our grantees' careers. So, we selected two grantees and asked, 'How has your grant and the professional development opportunity it supported impacted your ambition?'. 

I encourage you to read visual artist Kiah Pullens' and writer and director Noora Niasari's heartwarming reflections on their respective grantee experiences in the article below entitled Ambition.  

Looking ahead to 2024, the Trust’s team looks forward to hearing of our community’s new achievements, following the diverse range of projects our new grantees have planned and supporting more artists on their development journey.  

Until then, we wish all grantees and the community a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year.  

Paul Conroy